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Hey there, I'm Raf Bergs, a budding developer with a brand-new bachelor's degree in applied computer science with a focus on application development. While getting my degree, I've built up a foundation in the world of development and gained invaluable knowledge and practical experience that will serve as a jumping-off point for my future endeavors.

I am starting my journey as a junior full-stack developer. Building upon my foundational programming knowledge, I am eager to further develop my skills in both front-end and back-end development.

When I'm not behind my computer, you're most likely to find me working out in the gym or taking care of my plants. You can always get to know me better by checking out my socials in the navigation bar, looking at my resume, or simply contacting me by email.

Raf Bergs

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  • Intern @ Acerta

    Feb 2023-May 2023 | Leuven

    During my internship at Acerta, I worked in the Connect-Evolution team, which was responsible for modernizing an old application. As an intern, my task was to develop a repertorium application. This application served as a management system for all the codes used by Acerta, including those indicating work status or absence due to illness, among other examples. The main technologies utilized for this project were Java and Spring Boot. To learn more about my internship, please visit the internship page on this portfolio. You can access it through the navigation bar or by clicking on 'Acerta' above this text.


  • Bachelor Psychology 

    2018-2020 | KU Leuven

    Enthusiastic psychology student with a passion for understanding human behavior and improving mental well-being. These studies were left uncompleted due to a decrease in interest.

  • Bachelor Applied Computer Science 

    2020-2023 | Thomas More Geel

    Passionate IT student with a focus on coding. Skilled in multiple programming languages and experienced in developing software applications. Strong problem-solving abilities. Collaborative team player with good communication skills. Eager to contribute to the dynamic digital landscape and create impactful solutions through coding expertise. Committed to continuous learning and growth in an IT role.