The repertorium application for Acerta 

A summary of my internship

This internship assignment is carried out for Acerta in Leuven. Acerta is an HR company with multiple locations in Belgium. Acerta provides other companies with HR tools. I chose Acerta because I wanted to get acquainted with how IT processes work in a larger company after only working in small groups during my studies. Within Acerta, I joined the Connect-Evolution team. This team focuses on modernizing a calendar application that can be used to input time codes, and these time codes can then be used to calculate wages.

The old application was originally written in Cobol and later migrated to Java. Three main objectives had to be addressed. Firstly, there was a need to enhance the performance of the old application. Secondly, a bridge had to be established between the old payroll engine (L4) and the upcoming one (EVERESST). Lastly, there was a requirement to augment the existing information within the old application, which involved expanding it in the repertorium to ensure its adequacy and allow for future expansion.

In the Connect-Evolution team, my assignment involved developing the repertorium application. This application was designed to manage all the time codes utilized within Acerta. Developed using Java and Spring Boot, the repertorium application also served as a bridge between L4 and EVERESST. It enabled the expansion of time codes with additional information that was not present in the old application.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount, and I consider myself fortunate to have had an exceptional mentor and an amazing team to work with. If you're interested in delving into the finer details, please feel free to explore all the supporting documents provided below.

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